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About Us

The MISSION of the ACSF is as follows:
The Alliance of Communities for Sustainable Fisheries advocates for the heritage and
economic value of fishing to California Coastal Communities.  To preserve and enhance that value, the Alliance offers a broadly representative educational and promotional voice for waterfront communities to work constructively with interested agencies, individuals, and other marine protection organizations in order to ascertain and guarantee that:
(1) the best and most current oceanographic, socio-economic, and fisheries science i
s accurately compiled;
(2) this science is readily available to the public for use in crafting and
promoting public policy;
(3) the linkage between healthy sustainable fisheries, marine conservation, and coastal communities is firmly established in the public mind.

Meeting Schedule
no scheduled meetings at this time

ACSF By-Laws

ACSF Board of Directors

Frank Emerson- Recreational Fishing
Kathy Fosmark- Commercial Fishing

Harbor Communities
Steve Scheiblauer, Secretary
Commerical Fishing
Bill Ward, Port San Luis Commercial Fishermen’s Assoc.
Jeremiah O'Brian, Morro Bay Commercial Fishermen’s Assoc.
Mike Ricketts, Monterey Commercial Fishermen’s Assoc.
Tom Hart, Fishermen’s Association of Moss Landing
Mike Stiller, Santa Cruz Commercial Fishermen’s Assoc. Duncan Maclean, Pillar Point Commercial Fishermen’s Association
Recreational Fishing
Roger Thomas, Golden Gate Fishermen's Association
Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Association
Port San Luis Commercial Fishermen’s Association
Morro Bay Commercial Fishermen’s Association
Monterey Commercial Fishermen’s Association
Fishermen’s Association of Moss Landing
Santa Cruz Commercial Fishermen’s Marketing Association
Half Moon Bay Fishermen’s Marketing Association
Fishermen’s Alliance
Western Fishboat Owners Association
Ventura County Commercial Fishermen’s Association
Federation of Independent Seafood Harvesters
Golden Gate Fishermen's Association
Port San Luis Harbor District
City of Morro Bay Harbor
City of Monterey Harbor
Moss Landing Harbor District
Santa Cruz Port District
Pillar Pt. Harbor, San Mateo County Harbor District